Welcome to the fun zone!

Hiya! This is a place I'm working on to practice coding as well as share my projects. My ultimate goals for this place include creating an explorative experience similar to Neopets for the purpose of sharing my worldbuilding, organizing a wiki-style virtual library of my characters, and eventually hosting a web comic or two featuring said worldbuilding and characters. I'm still learning to code as well as figuring out how I want the site to look, so please be patient while I slowly but surely get things to where they oughtta be! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for taking an interest in my work!

WARNING: I don't yet know how to add pop-up warnings to pages, so just be warned that while my writing is SFW, it is not family friendly. Topics such as violence, suggestive themes, strong language, smoking, drug use, etc. may be present! Browse at your own risk.

To-Do List:

  • Add navigation to all pages
  • Add one time pop-up warnings to pages that require them
  • Replace placeholder site logo
  • Design proper site layout
  • Multiverse map
  • Universe maps (shows a universe's planets and any pocket universes it may have)
    • Opus
    • Intus
    • Anthron
  • World maps (shows a planet's countries)
    • Earth A
    • Earth B
    • Anizonia
    • Mythos
    • Bizarrus
    • Gaia
  • Country Maps (shows a country's towns and other notable locations)
  • Description/Lore for each location
  • List of fauna, inhabitants, etc. on location pages
  • OC masterlist
    • Add any missing characters
    • Finish character page layout
      • Collapsible page sections
      • Tabs for things like items unique to the character, alternate forms, etc.
      • Image gallery
    • Fix broken character pages
  • Write premise for Soulbond
  • Draw cover art
    • Soulbond
    • Beyond the Grave