You pause for a moment, collecting your thoughts. A puzzled look is etched into your features.

“Huh…? B-but I still have so many questions… What do you mean by ‘Ultivoid’?” you speak slowly and carefully.

The cosmic being doesn’t answer. Instead, you find the knowledge supernaturally within yourself.

The Ultivoid is the ultimate void: the vast nothingness that exists outside the multiverse’s many bubbles of time-space. It’s where things go when they cease to exist in their original world; the final resting place of all things.

You hear his question once more.

“Go where? There’s nothing here except for…” As you strain to see anything beyond the ocean of stardust, you notice apparitions of familiar objects from nature like trees and clouds. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the floor and the ceiling now; the images have merged into a single, coherent scene.

Looking up at the giant again, you see where the projection is coming from. Floating in his hand is one of the bubbles.

“You cannot stay here.”

His voice sounds… sad—as if something bad would happen if he allowed you to remain here. You did get here by accident, after all. Perhaps it’s best you do as the god says.